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Aashna Khurana

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A girl shoots for the stars, engulfs the whole solar system instead.
I wired my brain like million others, an engineer turned self taught artist who chose words

over technology.
The whole solar system inside of me screams of the magic there is yet to be.

A writer, Film-maker & art curator, still figuring out my part of the story.

Finding the story

Every communication is an exchange of stories;

Here is a fraction of mine in a form of a book.


Concepts & Setting Narratives

Aren't we tired of the cheesy- corny, and a little over the top pre-wedding videos?
Here's a new take on how pre-wedding can capture the actual essence of relationships.
Documentary of modern day wedding preparation.



Conceptualised self portrait, a series- 'NEW LIGHT'. Rethink|Reinvent the way you see yourself.

Conceptualised self portrait, a series- 'अनसंस्कारी'
The colour of your hair isn't a narrative of your lack of morals or ethics.

Reading Braille Book

If It wasn't clear already, I write. 

Visual narratives/ Films

Other Times I assist in direction or production.



Through theatre we experience life in its absolute raw and dramatic form. From being able to perform live, with no scope of re-shoot, and your one shot at improvising along the way, theatre captures the essence of storytelling. 


The appeal of street is that it's loud, energetic and flows in a rhythm. The raw indie music of these plays seeks audiences attention, and helps us share our message better. There are times when poetry plays an important role as well, when you appeal to the emotions. We, as a team worked on these plays in every aspect, from writing, direction to acting. Everything was solely done by us.

We, as a dramatic team focused on the integrity of street plays, and performed them in its true form, to talk about socio-political issues, relevant in the time.
Not only were these 'Nukkad natak' performed in the streets to spread awareness, but were also presented at a nation level, in several competitions.
The most prominent plays being about
Alzhiemers named Bhool chuk maaf (Forgive & Forget), Lack of respect to millennials named Ehtram  (Honor), Sex education named HKID (Half Knowledge is Dangerous)


Stage Plays have been an extremely learning point, where not only have we experienced the whole lives of the characters we were playing, but also learnt and unlearnt certain knowledge. Not only have we performed in renowned theatres like, Tagore Theatre & Punjab Kala Bhawan but also won several national level competitions with our productions. 
Here's a glimpse of few of our most renowned productions through the year 2018-20.


A Shakespearean trilogy portraying his three prominent works, 'Hamlet, Macbeth and Othello'. Handling multiple characters like Desdemona and music along side was the start of this journey.

Jati Hi Poocho Sadhu Ki

A play dedicated to the social outcasts, and their struggle and greed to find what they deserve, JHPSK aims at talking more than about this social divide. It talks about love, and how often times in India, caste dictates your choice of love, and also becomes a reason for you to part ways.


Poster is a play that talks about the struggles of those who are economically weaker than the masses, and the lack of voice they own. It talks about labor unions and the constant exploitation they face.
playing the role of a woman who was forced into prostitution helped me discover a new empathy for the survivors of sex trafficking and sex workers.


Utopia talks about how women suffer in all the fights of religious, political and social divide in a man's world. It asks a very simple question, ' If ever, we were to find a utopian world in terms of religious divide, would a woman still be able to find her rightful place?'
Playing the protagonist who because of a mans fragile ego and religious biases slowly looses everything there was for her made me realise of the privilege we live in. Bagging the 'Best Actor' award for this role honoured and humbled me.  

Sometimes I also direct the film while having written it.


Assistant Director


Script Supervisor

productions,  2018-22

Throughout college life, our dramatics team have been involved in various quick projects, short films for learning and competition purpose.


Everything we ever see is a story, what matters is who captures the story well enough and makes it a point to present it to the world. In hopes of writing a story someday, and you listening. One wordy impact at a time.

Project Management

Being creative head at Anubhavshaala, We've handled a lot of miscellaneous design projects, which demanded more than film-making, or visual storytelling. Here are a few brands and the work I handled for them.

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