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Exploring experiences using life as a medium and design as a tool

AnubhavShaala is a
cross-disciplinary design space which focuses on creating Phygital (physical + Digital) Experiences



AnubhavShaala's vision is to create an ecosystem where seekers, believers and explorers come together to create experiences that heightens the sense of being of the user.

AnubhavShaala is a brainchild of Himanshu K Khurana which incepted as an Architectural thesis, it is a cross-disciplinary design institution which enables and facilitates karma (actions), kriya (procedure), gyana (intellect) and bhakti (devotion) through the means of yoga (union) as an inherent existential process in domain of creativity and learning.

Currently AnubhavShaala is driven and overseen by Aashna Khurana, a writer, film maker and self taught artist.

AnubhavShaala offers design consultancy for clients seeking solutions in space, product, service or communication-related domains. At the same time, it also offers long and short term workshops for experiencing, learning & co-creating by involving in various creative disciplines.

AnubhavShaala, lastly aims curates a community of individuals who are looking to collaborate and connect with like minded people who understand and intend to work on delivering holistic experiences through their manifestations in the physical and/or digital world.



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1811, JLPL, Industrial Area, Sector 82 Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali, Punjab, India, 140308

Tel: +91 86 999 86 425

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